Someday to Today

Daring to dream and accomplishing your goals is what Someday to Today is all about! 

Inspired by Surepoint Group’s CEO (Trevor Muir) “Someday to Today” poem, we want you to live your best life and ignite your Someday to Today ambitions. 

Learn the story of how Someday to Today came to fruition.


Life is fragile, and things can change in an instant! So chase things that ignite you, do things that bring you joy, and surround yourself with people that you love and bring out the best in you. 

Someday I’ll climb a mountain; someday I’ll ride a horse.
Someday I’ll take that lesson, or I’ll finish off that course.
Someday I’ll learn to fly a plane; someday I’ll ride my bike.
Someday I’ll sleep beneath the stars and go on that long hike.
Someday I’ll run that marathon; someday I’ll learn to cook.
Someday I’m going to lose some weight and read my favorite book.
Someday I’m going to work less and someday I’ll take a trip.
Someday I’ll spend more time with friends, and I’ll sail on a ship.
Someday I’ll show more empathy to everyone I meet.
Someday I’ll show more kindness to a stranger on the street.
Someday I’ll volunteer my time, give more to those in need.
Someday I’ll grow a garden and I’ll hand plant every seed.
Someday I’ll be more patient with my child and my wife.
Someday I’ll cherish moments, as they happen in my life.
Someday I’ll act more childlike; someday I’ll laugh much more.
Someday I’m going to love like I have never loved before.
Someday I’ll play more with my kids, spend more time with my wife.
Someday I’ll find more balance in my very crazy life.
Someday I’m going to do the things I’ve never done before.
Someday I’m going to take some risks, walk through an unknown door.
Someday I’m going to let all my emotions run awry.
Someday I will allow myself to just be sad and cry.
Someday I will be happier; I’ll feel more inside.
Someday I’ll watch a full moon as it shifts the ocean’s tide.
Someday I’m going to worry less and focus less on wealth.
Someday I’m going to have more fun and focus more on health.
Someday I’ll tell my parents what they truly mean to me.
Someday I’ll be the person that I truly want to be.
Someday I’ll tell my siblings that I love them very much.
Someday I’ll hug my family more and treasure every touch.
Someday I’ll watch the sun rise and I’ll watch as the sun sets.
Someday I’ll forgive others and let go of my regrets.
Someday I’ll be more present; I’ll be more aware each day.
Someday I’ll gain more faith and I’ll take more time to pray.
Someday I’ll have no some-day’s left, as someday I will die.
So, change your some-day’s to today, before they all pass by.

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